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Welcome To PG home solutions

PG Home Solutions Is An Innovative & Efficient Enterprise, from Pune, Maharashtra.

PG Home Solutions Is A Start-Up Enterprise By Dynamic Entrepreneurs Who Had The Vision And Zeal Of Making Home Living Experiences Better And Convenient.

We Are Committed Towards Its Customers And Entrusts, Your Belief In Consistently Presenting Solutions And Products That Will Seamlessly Integrate With Your Lifestyle At The Domestic As Well As Commercial Space.

Super Dry Is The Pioneer Product Coming Out Of The Stable Of PG Home Solutions


To Build A Blissful Relationship With Our Customers And Be  The Ultimate Home Solutions  Provider.


To Make Life Easier For Our Customers At Home With Our Innovative Solutions.


    •  Innovation
    •  Customer-First
    •  Transparency
    •  Quality

Our Products And Services, That Reflect Innovation, Become The Quality Benchmark And Provide Real Value For Money, Our Policies And Practices That Are Fair, Transparent And Constantly Improving And Achieve Market Leadership.